5 tricks to make your content stand out in the crowd

January 8, 2017

1. Hit Hard With A Compelling Headline 


Crafting a subject line or headline that makes people want to click and read has never been more of a challenge. With plenty of content out there to choose from, grabbing a reader’s attention has to be instant. Create a hook – then reel them in. Can your article help solve a personal or business challenge? Are you a market-leader sharing the latest trends? Shout about it in the title!

Some top tips?

  1. Try list formats (“10 Tips for…”, “3 ways to…”) – if a reader knows an article will be easy to digest, they’re more likely to take a look. 
  2. Use buzzwords (“Facebook”, “ROI”) – an article that’s relevant and on-trend is likely to have a higher appeal for your audience.
  3. Exploit your niche (“Luxury Travel Ideas for the Over 50’s”) – if you’re an expert in a specific market, the prospect of gaining insider knowledge creates a compelling reason to read more.



 2. Publish Posts with Personality


For the B2C market, it’s posts with a little spark that do best. If you can craft a cheeky, funny or witty voice that works to promote your brand, the audience will not only read your work, but start to look forward to finding out what you’ll do next.

In Australia, one of the brands that does it best is Qantas. Read the Roo Tales and you’ll find out exactly what it takes to fly a rhino across the Tasman, how to be a plane engineer in the 70s and much more.

Sharing content and growing your audience on social media also helps develop your brand personality online – check out the Kraft Peanut Butter pinned Facebook post for an amusing example*.

Though you may need to keep things a little more corporate in a B2B environment, investing time in creating a friendly, approachable online voice that’s consistent across your digital activities will encourage prospects to pick up the phone or fill in a contact form. 

*[8 December 2016, KRAFT Australia & NZ Facebook]



 3. Interactive is Interesting


Once you’ve got a solid content strategy in place, try taking it up a level by creating content your audience can engage with rather than sit back and absorb. By incorporating video, polls, quizzes, forms and even games into your posts, you can gather feedback, create conversation on social media and get your messages across in a way that’s much more exciting – and ultimately reflects positively on your brand. 

 An additional benefit – you can also use the real customer feedback to help shape your ongoing strategy planning, alongside the data analysis. 

With plenty of options online, like Typeform, that will help you create simple forms, quizzes and polls from template formats or from scratch, creating interactive content doesn’t need heavy investment to get it off the ground.  



 4. Information + Graphics = Infographics


Data is dull. Whether you’re sharing business statistics, creating how-to guides for your products or comparing technical specifications, if you can display the data in a more visual way that makes it easier to understand, this will always go down better with your audience than sending them heaps of information.

Instead of listing information in bullet points or tables, using attractive charts, diagrams, icons and images to illustrate the data will create a format that’s not only easy to scan, but as an added bonus is in a more readily sharable format that can gain you traction in the social channels. 

Check out the Daily Infographic to see more examples in action.



 5. Keep it Personal 


Whatever your content strategy, keeping a strong focus on your target readership is key. This relates not only to your choice of topic, but also the platforms on which you choose to share your content. From personalised email campaigns, to sponsored social posts, to paid media campaigns – creating content and sharing the content you’ve created can all be targeted to achieve the ultimate aim of reaching your intended base and inspiring them to take action. 

To take your strategy to the next level, partnering with a digital marketing agency like em creative / digital can support your business’ sales and marketing activities, drive traffic and increase engagement with your intended audience. Contact info@em.com.au to find out more about our tailored solutions. 

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