Adobe Business Catalyst ‘end of life’ announced

April 27, 2018

Adobe recently announced an official end of life date for its all-in-one hosted website and digital marketing platform, Adobe Business Catalyst. But what does this really mean for businesses currently on the platform?

First and foremost, all websites and the marketing data that has been collected will eventually need to be migrated to alternative platforms which meet those business needs.

Milestones and timelines

Below are the key dates to be considered by businesses with a Business Catalyst hosted website:

26 March 2018
Announcement of Business Catalyst end of life as 26 March 2020

10 April 2018
End of life date extended by 1 year to 26 March 2021

18 June 2018
No new trials can be created

27 August 2018
No new sites can be upgraded to paid

26 March 2021
Product end of life – all data will be removed from the Business Catalyst infrastructure and sites will become unavailable for the public

Next steps

The end of life date may be over 2 years away, however, we recommend you start planning (at least thinking about) your migration. 

  1. map out your business’ website and digital marketing needs, consider your requirements now, and what you might want in future;
  2. choose a partner that will take the time to understand your business and technology needs, including (but not limited to) your new CMS, CRM, eCommerce and email marketing platforms.
  3. start early to ensure your migration is completed well ahead of time, and that all you data is safely backed up and migrated to your new systems.

How can em creative/digital help?

As a creative, marketing & digital agency experienced in website design, development and migrations – including the Adobe Business Catalyst content management system, we can scope your business requirements, recommend alternate solutions best suited to your business needs, design, build and deploy your new business website.

Don’t wait until 2020 to consider you need, start planning your website migration now. Contact our team and talk about your specific requirements.

Mitch Wheatley/Digital Marketing Specialist

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