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April 12, 2019

Yoast recently published an article that looked at various ways to improve your website performance.

One of the important takeouts was that out-dated versions of PHP are likely to be restricting your website speed. Moreover, these old versions of PHP no longer receive security fixes and are increasingly vulnerable to attacks.

“According to WordPress stats, almost half of their sites still run on a PHP version in the 5 series. The current version is 7.3.3 and the 7 series has been available for about 3 years”. In fact, PHP 5.6. has not been supported since December 2018.

You can improve your website performance & security by upgrading your hosting environment to a modern version of PHP.

  • PHP 7 offers an incredible speed boost,
  • It runs a lot more efficiently, meaning less stress on your server,
  • Bring loads of modern development features,
  • It’s a much safer and more secure environment,
  • It’s future proof.

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mitch wheatley/digital marketing specialist

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