Want Shorter Domain Names? Just .au?

January 28, 2020

 The policy authority for domain name registration in Australia, auDA, is considering the introduction of “simplified “ domain names with just an  .au suffix.

Why have another tier of domain names?
Their website https://shorternames.com.au/ says…“Half of small businesses in Australia do not have an online presence. That is because there are many small businesses and individuals who cannot get or do not qualify for a .com.au name. We want to make it easier for small businesses, individuals, and other Australian organisations to get domain names within the .au namespace, whilst continuing to maintain the high standards to qualify for a .com.au domain name.”

More information?
There is very little information on that website and when directed to the auDa master website all that is available is an enquiry form. I submitted the form but to little avail.

When will the new system be implemented?
There is no indication of when or if  this transition might happen.  However, they do say that there is a proposed 6 month period of grace during which existing domain name holders, such as those with .com.au or .org.au will be given the first opportunity to change over.

How will it work?
So, if one doesn’t take up the option a competitor will, presumably,  be eligible to take it after 6 months. What happens then? Will everyone who wants to protect an existing domain be forced to obtain a .au version? It’s easy to imagine a a lot of consternation and possibly even litigation. And, if one does decide to take the .au option will there be an additional cost? If so, how much?.

I must say this has come as a surprise. I would have thought there were already enough domain name possibilities with all the existing suffixes currently available. The current system seems to be working fine so I’ll be keen to see where this goes.

Joe Cristaudo

Categories: Marketing
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