Social Media Strategy

November 24, 2014

Whilst the basis of social media is to continually make updates on our profile and stay active with our community (followers), this generally doesn’t assist with actually getting people to the page or interacting with it. Much like a website, we may have an amazing product or service to provide but if no one actually goes to the site then it is pointless.

Therefore in order to obtain more likes, shares, tweets and reposts the follow methods should be implemented:

1. Utilise existing relationships:

This covers areas such as employees, manufactures and distributors. Every employee within the company should “like” and share the companies social networking links as well as have the social links within their email signature for all emails being sent. All existing partnerships with company should be leveraged to assist with building the companies social presence by making posts on their networks which will allow for us to reach a whole new audience.

2. Run competitions:

Competitions are a great way to encourage new and existing users to help spread the word about our social networks. A great example of this is a “re-tweet” competition where the follower who gets the most amount of retweets for a message that we provide wins a prize. This is a great way to entice people to follow our networks as you are required to follow in order to participate.

3. Paid advertising:

Facebook advertisements are a great way to drive additional traffic to our page and entice more likes and interaction. Users are already on facebook so the conversion rate is fairly high and it is able to target our main demographic.

4. Stronger call to actions on your website:

Just as our social media network will help to drive traffic to our website, our website needs to work the same way. Our website should have very strong call to actions for our social media icons (which the new website design seems to have). Having them at the bottom of the page in grey symbolises that they are not important and will not attract many followers. At the same time we do not want users to leave the website so the social icons should always open up in a separate window.

5. PR articles:

PR articles are a great way to help get the word out about what the company is doing and its initiatives but it is also a great way in which to promote our social media. Write some great content rich articles and note that for more information users can visit the social media links. We can even write guest posts on how you implement a social strategy and this will justify people visiting the links.

With the above methods we should be able to continually grow our social media presence. It also goes without saying that we need to regularly update your social media sites in order to maintain interest in them form our community.

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