What’s new from Apple this year?

September 10, 2015

The Apple mega event on 9th of September gave the world the most anticipated news for the company’s flagship products, the new iPhone and the new iPad. But there are tons of other things that the company revealed that day that you might have missed out on completely. So here is a brief highlight of what else happened in 9th of September!

First off, in a very strange announcement, Apple confirmed an upgrade in RAM for iPhone 6S. 6S Plus and the iPad Pro. Now for most, this was a nothing less than a shock but I think that the change was inevitable and it was about time Apple realized the need for more RAM in their devices. The upgrade on the iPhone 6S will give the phone a 2 GB RAM while the iPad Pro will come out with 4 GB RAM! Pretty exciting, don’t you think?

Another important news that you probably missed on the event is the release date of the latest version of Apples iOS, named iOS 9. Yes! This latest software update is probably what I am most excited about and is coming out on the 16th of September. Can’t wait to see how Apples plays out this card but I am sure we won’t be disappointed!

There is a lot of buzz around the internet about the new 3D touch technology that is going to be released by the company, another highlight of this mega event. The 3D touch tech works by calculating the pressure of one’s finger by the distance between the backlight and the glass screen. The tech looks super exciting on paper but we’ll know for sure how it works out once we use it with our own hands. Till then, I must say that Apple is known for their innovation capabilities and I am not much doubtful about the 3D touch tech. Let me know what you think in the comment section below?

Moving on, there are several minor changes rolling out your way in the form of improvements in the Apple watch and Apple TV. The Watch for one is to get new physical features like new leather bands from Hermes and a red Product Red band. There are some new colors coming out for Watch Sport, in the category of Rose and Gold. The Watch will also get a software update (Watch OS 2) on the 16th of September right with the iOS 9 update. The Apple TV, on the other hand, is to get some major improvements this year. The new Apple TV will now be coming out with Siri support and would have a brand new remote controller with voice recognition, touch sensitive areas and gesture recognition built in.

With all this news, Apple also announced the date of the release of new iPhones that is 23rd of September. So there you have it folks, a very brief summary of what to expect from Apple this year. Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below! Cheers!

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