Brand Development

Building and positioning a brand requires an inspired fusion of strategy and creativity. Altering perceptions about an established brand on the other hand, involves vision, single-minded commitment and inspired marketing. It’s little wonder then that brand development is one of the most exciting and rewarding areas at which we excel.

Building equity

At em we create brands for new companies, entire enterprises, new products and services. We also create names for events and promotions.

We nurture and protect brands and exploit their potential, always staying true to the brand’s essence, personality and tone of voice (which we may well have worked to establish too).

For many years we have created highly original brand development solutions in Sydney, across Australia and for international clients. Our services include:

  • Sector research and market analysis
  • Brand interrogation, positioning and naming
  • Brand identity (corporate identity)
  • Stationery, livery, transport and signage design
  • Asset management
  • Brand visual style guides and language guidelines