embrace interactive is an interactive digital solution when
you’re not printing brochures

Covid 19 has disrupted the entire tourism landscape:
How, when and where people are able to travel is constantly changing.
Consumer buying habits have changed because of fewer shop-front agencies.
Brochure printing and distribution has become impractical and uneconomical.
Traditional product distribution systems will change.

a dynamic, Interactive, solution

We have created a stunning new interactive way to promote and distribute tourism products. Called Embrace Interactive, this is a dynamic solution that carries rich media, including videos, to engage and retain an audience. It enables operators to showcase their products to both the tourism industry and consumers. Embrace Interactive integrates seamlessly with product websites; it is distributed via an email link; the results can be tracked through analytics and the copy can be optimised for Search Engines.

Embrace is incredibly cost-effective – no more printing cost, no more storage and distribution costs. No waste.
Embrace Demonstration


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