Case Study

Bench Africa Safari School


Bench Africa is Australia’s longest established tour operator to the African continent. Their products are distributed through the retail travel agency network and over the internet.


Bench Africa commissioned us to create their new 'Safari School' online training facility, the objective of which is to allow travel consultants to learn about Bench Africa's products and ultimately achieve 'Africa Expert' status after successfully completing each of the 5 training modules.

Each module is represented by one of the 'Big 5' - Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Leopard - and consists of up to 5 informational videos followed by up to 20 questions based on the video content.

The training program needed to be professional, engaging, informative, easy for travel consultants to use, and easy for Bench Africa staff to input content as well as extract relevant information and reports.


Scoping and wireframing

The first stage of the project involved scoping and mapping the user flows through the platform, including determining the logic of what constitutes a successful module completion.

Based on the requirements, WordPress was selected as the platform on which this facility would be built. WordPress was heavily customised to provide all the intricate controls that Bench required, while maintaining the easy to use and intuitive admin user interface that WordPress is known for.

From here, wireframes were created to map out the user interface and capture the functionality required for each of the pages. These wireframes laid the foundation for the design phase.

Design and Development

Bench wanted their training program to stand out from the crowd and to also look distinctly different from their traditional look.

We came up with a unique, modern and playful concept that played on traditional 'paper-based' training by using origami styling for the icons throughout the platform. The design was a hit!

The design was then translated into resposnive code and implemented in WordPress to deliver the training system.

We received strong positive feedback from Bench staff and from the travel agents using the training platform.

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