Case Study

Calliden - Mansions


Calliden Group Ltd is an ASX listed company specialising in general insurance. They distribute insurance products with two distinct businesses: Calliden Insurance Limited and Calliden Agency Services Limited.

Mansions is a Calliden Agency Services product providing home and contents insurance for prestige homes with a high net value. Mansions has a track record of more than 20 years in the local market.

The campaign


Mansions insurance had a low conversion rate due to minimal product knowledge among brokers. The objectives were to drive enquiries (requests for quotes) and, increase conversions by educating brokers on the Mansions product benefits.


  • Mansions pricing was seen as more expensive, eventhough they had superior inclusions
  • Claims service seen as less flexible than the competition
  • No electronic platform for quoting
  • Poor broker knowledge


  • Positively differentiate the Mansions product and make the benefits easier to understand. em developed a new campaign theme – “Picture Perfect Protection”. The visuals involved framed images on the walls of a high net value home, each of which  depicted the different cover inclusions that Mansions offered.
  • By focusing on the inclusions in an engaging visual format, the eye was quickly drawn to the features that supported those inclusions.
  • The product now had a clear visual identity that could be rolled out in a number of executions.


  • Once the creative was agreed, we brought the message to life through video animation. The animated video came together as an ‘infomercial’ and involved scripting, voice over, talent and visual effects.
  • The video was presented to brokers by Calliden’s business development managers.
  • The video was also used online to explain the Mansions Product and continues to be showcased at broker events.
  • The Campaign was supported by advertising, POS and direct marketing.

 Communication Channels included

  • Video
  • B2B magazine advertising
  • Point of Sale
  • Website
  • Posters
  • eDM


All objectives were met: increased conversions, increased awareness and more brokers were using the new online quoting form.

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