Case Study

The Institute of Chartered Accountants

A radical approach to a conservative audience

Live Online Training (LiveOne)


The Institute of Chartered Accountants (CA) had launched an online training programme that could be accessed live from virtually anywhere via the internet. This was to be a key means by which institute members could accumulate the required points to maintain their accreditation each year.


  • Convert existing CA members to online training 
  • Attracting new users (who are not CA members)


  • Develop a visual identity that provides a framework on which to build future promotions across all media
  • Focus on individuals
  • Appeal to different ages and ethnic backgrounds
  • Clearly establish that the training was live, individual and available from anywhere


  • The term LiveOne was coined and its graphic representation became the new visual identity for live online training


  • LiveOne was positioned as the latest, most accessible, most flexible, online training technology using the most experienced presenters
  • This message was reinforced through demonstrations


  • Focused on easy access, flexibility, individuality and the benefits to the end user
  • The substance, content and accreditation value of the courses was emphasised

Communication Channels: (Maximum visibility for available budget)

  • Search engine marketing
  • Targeted online banners
  • Email marketing – eDM’s
  • Google Gadgets
  • Printed direct mail – DM's
  • Print advertising
  • Twitter (to develop a community around Live Online Training)
  • Web support (the CA website)
  • Live events – to present the LiveOne concept to existing CA members who attended face-to-face events


  • Outstanding
  • Apart from an exponential increase in uptake, the client emphasised how much positive feedback was received from members – an inherently conservative group.

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