Beyond Travel

Beyond Travel is an award winning Australian travel company renowned for their specialised expertise in Russia, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, The Balkans, Croatia, India and Sri Lanka. They provide a diverse offering from Signature Journeys, to independent arrangements, tailor-made holidays, river and coastal cruises as well as city stay packages.

In 2019 Beyond Travel engaged em to redesign and rewrite their travel brochures. The objective was to make them more contemporary and more effective as communication and selling tools for both consumers and travel agents. Working collaboratively with Beyond, em created an engaging new range of six brochures. Imagery, copy, tone of voice, maps and product presentation were all upgraded in the redesign.

Included in the brief was the creation of logos for three sub-brands used on individual websites for: Scandinavia & beyond; Sri Lanka & beyond and India & beyond.

The new brochures were enormously well received by travel consultants and made a significant contribution to enhancing the brand, increasing awareness and improving sales.

Beyond Travel has now launched an initiative to ‘enriching lives through travel’ which aims to contribute to local communities they visit. em is currently working on the creative development of this initiative.

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