Travellers Autobarn

Australian and international multi-language websites

Travellers Autobarn is the one stop shop for hiring campers, station wagons and campervans in Australia. Initially the client needed a new Dutch language website in keeping with a pre-existing design already being used throughout their network of international websites. Those websites had been developed by others, using a CMS that Travellers Autobarn found unsatisfactory.

We recommended the new Dutch website be developed on a different CMS, in this case, WordPress. That resulted in a marked improvement in the way the website could be edited, maintained and managed. As a result Travellers Autobarn commissioned em to redesign, then redevelop all the Travellers Autobarn websites for Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy and Germany, and also apply the new design to the earlier Dutch site.

The new websites are built using responsive design techniques to facilitate the growing use of mobile devices for both information consumption and, in this case, online bookings. 

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