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Marketing the small CATs

WesTrac is the Caterpillar (CAT) distributor for NSW and WA. The CAT brand is very well known for large machines, but not for its small ones that compete with Bobcat, the market leader in this category, called “Skid Steer”.

Our objective was to increase awareness of CAT in this market and bring the brand into consideration for those wanting to purchase a new skid steer. Our strategy was to introduce skid steer owners of all brands to the CAT range of attachments (Work Tools). This would expose them to the CAT brand, renowned for quality, reliability and service. In doing this, customers would be encouraged to consider CAT when they next update their skid steer.

The execution involved an innovative approach. We mailed all skid steer owners we could source and drove them to a campaign microsite to harvest their opt-in email addresses. From here, there was ongoing lead nurturing and customer engagement activity that involved both online and hard copy communication.

The result was a stunning success.

WesTrac Postcard Design 1

Hard copy DM using a self-enveloping, pull-out mailer with reply paid response postcard included. That was to cater for those who couldn’t or wouldn’t respond online.

WesTrac Tools Selector Design

A hard copy laminated “Selector” was produced and mailed to all owners. This could be kept on the Skid Steer and provide a ready reference of available CAT Work Tools (attachments), with basic specifications,  when  needed.

WesTrac Postcard Design 2

A variety of promotional activity both online and in print kept the interest alive throughout the campaign.

WesTrac Website Design

The campaign landing page grew into a mini site – and continued to grow as new information was added to support the Skid Steer campaign.

WesTrac Newsletter Design

Variable print (digital), self-enveloping newsletter with special offers produced for mass distribution but because it was variable print it could be customised for individual territories/ sales reps.

WesTrac Graph

Spikes in campaign mini-site visits can be seen following each DM follow-up.

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