Analysis & strategy drives digital marketing success

There are few limits to the potential for growing your business online. Our projects start with a thorough analysis so that so that the marketing strategies we recommend can achieve measurable results. This involves reaching the right customers at the right time, and having them take the desired action.

 Partnering with em brings you a group of skilled professionals to help achieve those goals.

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Google Ads - SEM/

SEM is a controlled way to direct advertising at highly targeted markets using platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook and Bing. SEM is a wonderfully responsive medium and a very effective digital marketing tool. Your investment is totally controlled and measured so it can be aligned with your ROI, and with the right professional guidance, SEM can transform both your search returns and site visits.

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When every one of your competitors wants exactly what you want – to be top of the search results – competition is intense. That’s why search engine optimisation is such a highly specialised skill and  an integral part of the digital marketing landscape. It’s one way to get ahead of your competitors. With em you’ll receive informed, specialist advice from professionals who are passionate about staying ahead of the SEO game, and have the strategic, design, development and writing resources to support them.

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Local SEO/

Helping your customers find you seems like an obvious priority. So it’s surprising how far down the objectives list it can sometimes end up. Nearby potential clients may be looking for your products or services, and it’s easy to miss these leads by being too focused on attracting clients from afar. Importantly, Google MyBusiness optimisation also enhances your search engine presence, taking you that much closer to the coveted position at the top of page one.

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conversions optimisation/

So much effort goes into attracting visitors to your site, that you want to make the very most of them once they’re there. What action do you want visitors to your website to take? We can not only identify and establish measurable conversions for your website, but as part of our digital marketing services and website optimization, maximise those conversions. We’ll identify your site’s weak point(s), eliminate any impediments to generating conversions and unlock the full potential of your website.

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social media strategy/

In a perfect world every piece of advertising we produce would go viral. Back in the real world, there are plenty of other ways to cost-effectively exploit the opportunities provided by social media. But for maximum effect (and the safety of your business reputation) it’s essential to have expert guidance from professionals who are fully conversant with social media. Social media is often overlooked yet it can be highly valuable, and is certainly one of our digital marketing services that we love sinking our teeth into.

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email marketing/

Years of experience and the lessons from countless campaigns sit behind every email marketing campaign we create. Whether you need to engage customers, develop new leads or nurture prospects, we’re here to help you. We will provide strategic advice and create relevant, engaging email campaigns to produce the highly targeted engagement you require.

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banner design & development/

A successful online advertising campaign is a combination of the right strategy, proper campaign management and skilled design. Our designers and online strategists will create attention-grabbing banner ads that will command attention from your target market. We design and develop everything from static images and to HTML5 banners with video and dynamic data.

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Trueview Video Ads/

Imagine only paying for advertising when a viewer chooses to engage with your message. With TrueView video ads you will only be charged when a viewer has chosen to watch your ad, not when an impression is served. TrueView offers advertisers access to an audience that’s comparable to free-to-air TV. TrueView Video Ads can contain promotional text, images and video clips, which can be viewed by your target audience on YouTube and Google’s Display Network.

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