App Development iOS & Android

Apps have become ubiquitous in just a few years. Now we can’t live without these portable programmes that have revolutionised the way we do business, receive information, communicate with each other and entertain ourselves.

We have developed apps for digital publications that are typically designed for tablets. These apps can incorporate elements such as high quality video, photos, 3D models, audio and support the navigation capabilities of the platform they are built for – usually iOS and Android. Navigation includes touch, swipe and gesture support.

At em we can take your app idea from sketch to screen with the least possible fuss. Here we apply the same strategic approach as we do to our other projects and try to keep the development as simple and streamlined as possible so that it’s perfect for your needs and those of your audience.

If you’re not sure how, or even if, an app would benefit your business, we will help you think through the business case to see whether an app is the best solution for your needs. We work with you to formulate the marketing strategy and carefully plan the development so that the potential of your app is fully realised.