Amazing 404 Page Designs

July 6, 2015

Every internet user has come across a 404 page at some point. It’s the error page indicating that your browser has reached the server you are requesting but the server could not find the page you’re looking for. It basically means you either used a broken or dead link. The 404 page has become one of the most recognisable error pages on the internet, and this is mainly because most websites use the same default error page. It doesn’t have to be that way of course, and it is now popular for web developers to make unique and quirky custom 404 pages that better reflect the content of their website. Here are seven amazing ones which may inspire you to come up with something unique for your website (the titles will link you to the website).

Imgur – Zoinks! You’ve Taken a Wrong Turn

Imgur is an image hosting website that was created to specifically cater to Reddit users. Around six years ago, there was no reliable image host for Reddit users to easily share and view images, until Reddit user MrGrim came along and decided to singlehandedly solve that problem. He created Imgur and this amusing 404 page which features portraits of distinguished looking animals with googly eyes that follow your cursor wherever it goes. – the Moldovian Website with a Catchy, Dancy, 404

We have no idea what this Moldavian website is for but its 404 page has the catchiest song! It also features an adorable construction worker who dances while his friend watches and bobs his head to the tune. It’s nothing too special but it’s one of those pages you go back to just to enjoy the crazy music.

The Best 404 Page Ever – the Pi Song

The title says it all. This is a 404 page that features a cartoon reciting all the numbers in Pi to a trance inducing song, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love Pi?

Mozy – Welcome to Area 404

Mozy’s 404 page features a hilarious message that pokes fun at alien conspiracy theories about Area 51. It’s quite simple but it’s very memorable and great for a good chuckle.

Hugoware – Vortex 404

Hugoware is a developer/designer portfolio website and it’s 404 page is a swirling vortex made from pure CSS that sucks in all the page’s elements. It’s a unique 404 page and it has the bonus advantage of showcasing the developer’s CSS mastery.

Romain Braisier – the Lemmings Game 404 Page

Romain Braisier is a French web developer with one of the coolest 404 pages on the Internet. It features a lemmings game. You have to save all of the lemmings from falling in order to win. All you have to do is hover over them to release their parachutes. There are 404 lemmings so good luck!

Nouveller – Jurassic Park 404

This 404 page is guaranteed to be hit with any fan of the first Jurassic Park movie (1993). Remember Jurassic Park’s computer programmer, Dennis Nedry, who shut down the park’s security system so that he could access the embryo storage room? Well, this 404 page features a UNIX terminal and your task is to input the right commands in order to get the security systems running again. Failure is not an option. SPOILER: Type “status” to find out which systems are offline, then use the reboot command to activate each one. Alternatively you can just type “sudo reboot all” to get them all working at once.

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