Heart Reef Helicopters

an unrivalled aerial journey

HeartReef Helicopter Tours offers a truly extraordinary travel experience; the only one of its kind in the world. Using a fleet of helicopters, guests can fly over the glorious Great Barrier Reef and land on a private, luxury pontoon moored in crystalline waters to swim and snorkel.

em creative/digital has a long association with Hamilton Island spanning over 15 years. This new endeavour, which sits within the HRH umbrella, required a new website with a luxury feel. Developed on a WordPress platform, em designed a UI kit that could be used across the site. Careful consideration was given to fonts, colour usage and logo positioning, to continue the strong brand identity of the HR and HIA sites. Images were carefully crafted to ensure a premium experience. Four unique tours are represented with bookings directed to Heart Reef to ensure a personal contact for this luxury product.

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