Keith Prowse Travel

leaders in iconic, global sporting & other events.

Keith Prowse Travel offers iconic sporting and other events around the globe, some of which are a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. One of these is the Rugby World Cup 2023. In lieu of producing a traditional printed brochure, Keith Prowse Travel engaged em to create an interactive digital brochure that would dynamically showcase their offering for this hugely popular event. This is a stand-alone information piece that sets Keith Prowse Travel apart from its competitors. It can be distributed via an email link, works seamlessly with their website, and the readership can be tracked via Analytics. Using our new platform “Embrace Interactive” we developed an immersive, “digital document” that enabled prospective customers to see all the matches, pools and offerings – from the 2 night packages to in-depth tours. Embrace Interactive eliminates the cost of physically printing, storing and distributing hard copy brochures.


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