Noosa Community Concerns

A lobbying website for residents

This website was commissioned by a group of Noosa residents, The Eastern Beaches Protection Association, (EBPA), to lobby against proposed council changes to the local environmental planning regulations. Apparently, these would adversely affect property prices and insurance costs.

We were provided with illustrations of their mascot ‘Sandi’ the sand crab and briefed on the functional requirements. Key to the website’s function is the ability to add news items, videos and other important information as it comes to hand. And importantly, for stakeholders to be able to sign and email letters of representation to the Council directly from the website. These letters are automatically copied in to the Mayor, Council CEO and councillors.

The site is designed to highlight all of the key messaging and features images of areas that will be most affected by the new planning regulations.


Noosa Community Concerns Website
Noosa Community Concerns Website
Noosa Community Concerns Website

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