Embrace Interactive

February 18, 2021

embrace interactive is a digital solution when you’re not printing travel brochures

Covid 19, has been a major disruptor of the tourism industry. The landscape has changed, some of it forever. Border closures and quarantine issues have thrown future planning by tour operators, cruise lines, airlines and others into chaos. And traditional distribution systems have been damaged with the closure of so many shop-front retail travel agencies. There is no doubt these issues have had an impact on consumer behaviour. These are just some of the challenges presently facing the tourism industry.

em creative/digital has a solution to at least some of these issues

We have developed an engaging, interactive alternative to traditional travel brochures. No, not another version of the ubiquitous ‘flipbook’, but a stunning new immersive solution that enables operators to cost-effectively distribute and promote their products. This is a rich interactive experience, that engages customers at all levels.

Called Embrace Interactive, It can be distributed via an email link, is accessible from anywhere via the internet or can be downloaded to your hard drive. It integrates seamlessly with any website and can be made responsive to view on a mobile device.

Results can be tracked through analytics and the copy can be optimised for Search Engines. And it is incredibly cost-effective. No more printing costs, no more storage and distribution costs. No waste

This is Embrace Interactive, your interactive, digital travel brochure.
It takes just 15 minutes for a free online demonstration call now to set up an appointment or view here.

Joe Cristaudo/Managing Director

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