Launching an Australian first

July 24, 2020

Ironic perhaps, but along with the advent of Covid 19 we were engaged to launch an innovative new range of cleaning products called ‘Change’. An Australian first, the products come as tablets that dissolve in water to make up the various cleaning solutions. Refillable dispensers provide the added benefit of avoiding single-use plastic.


With the name, website and brand already established our role was to take the product to market. We developed the strategy, created the advertising assets, and planned the media campaign for launch.

Our strategy relied on ‘Change’ being good for the consumer, and good for the planet. It would be executed across digital channels, primarily Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads, with the creative approach being tailored to those media.


To get consumer engagement we challenged the standard advertising for cleaning products. Inspired by the geometric shapes and colours of the brand, we created a series of animations where the elements and characters were all designed using simple forms to create a light-hearted way of addressing a serious problem.

By keeping the message simple and positive we show how easy it is to change. The animations encourage viewers to make ‘One Small Change’ – to an effective, convenient new cleaning product, and at the same time cut down on plastic waste.

We’re fully operational so do get in touch with us if we can help you with any of your marketing challenges.

Joe Cristaudo
Managing Director
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