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We offer a full suite of creative, design & marketing services including branding, graphic design, advertising, direct marketing, and print management. By applying sound creative strategies and marketing expertise we work with clients to promote their brands and drive business across the range of digital & traditional channels.

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Without sound strategy driving its development, great creative work is merely great art. Intelligent strategy makes the difference between simply appealing to customers and actually creating genuinely engaging creative, that ultimately leads to the purchase of your product or service.

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Your brand must connect with its audience. It positions your business by expressing who you are, what you offer and what to expect when dealing with you. Importantly, it must communicate the character and the values of your business. At em we know that brand development requires specialist skills. We’ve developed brands, managed them and been custodians of some of the world’s leading brands for more than three decades.

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graphic design/

Great design will always showcase your product at its best. Exciting, innovative design and stylish typography provides your audience with a visual reward for considering your brand. We produce highly effective creative solutions, supported by outstanding account management, that ensures your project is delivered to exacting standards, on time and on budget.

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Since 1981 we’ve been delivering effective advertising solutions in press, print, OOH and point-of-sale. Whatever the medium, our objectives are the same: to produce powerful creative that inspires, engages, excites and prompts a positive response. At em, we subscribe to the idea that there is no substitute for a compelling, single-minded message based on an inspired idea. We produce great advertising, especially in print and, of course, we provide the digital integration as well.

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direct marketing/

A friendly yet persuasive conversation is the purest form of direct marketing. We start with that thought in mind and whether it’s a beautiful piece of print in the letterbox, a lead generating piece in a B2B campaign or a response-demanding email in the inbox, the principles are very much the same. The objectives are attention, engagement, action.

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print management/

It’s wise to put your print buying and management into the hands of professionals. Achieving competitive rates and having the relationships to meet tight deadlines is just the beginning, and it only comes with experience. At em we have bought many millions of dollars of print throughout Australia and the world, from brochures and corporate reports to personalised digital print, direct mail, catalogues, packaging and more. Our expertise will ensure that we deliver a quality product to agreed time frames and budget.

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video & animation/

Many a brand has been built with the help of great videos that tell its story. Nowadays every single enterprise, from the smallest up, can use video to engage, advertise, promote, educate and sell. We partner with a preferred production house that has a singularly impressive record of producing inspirational films across multiple platforms.

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